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Travel By Spying: Spying the Competition

Posted on 12 June 2018 by admin (0)

Who would have thought that time away from your business can still lead to doing business? Certain entrepreneurs do it albeit surreptitiously. Has it dawned upon you how some restaurateurs would occasionally take a break from managing their chain of restaurants to spend a week away from their hometown or place of businesses to check out the next best thing in local tourism?

No, it’s not boredom. It’s about that gut feeling that something is missing in their business that might be discovered elsewhere.

Business has become the convenient excuse for travel. Whether it is for marketing research, analyzing trends or simply understanding why this city, hotel or restaurant is raking in the customers when not much hype surrounded it. And you want to know for yourself if that little factoid is applicable to your business. So you save some time off to go somewhere and see for yourself if the trip is worth it. If everyone else spent the effort to do so, why not you? Just in case you need reasons, let’s enumerate them one by one.

  • Analyzing the unique selling proposition.

A hobbyist traveler, Derek Gill from Riverside House Cleaning Agents noted how the term “unique selling proposition” has become cliché. But not all clichés have gone out of fashion. There are clichés that still work and this is one of them. Like two resorts from slightly identical tourist hotspots still have some distinguishing products or services that made them profitable for their respective stakeholders. They sell well but not for the same reason. Discovering your unique selling proposition in the eyes of the competitor can only be possible if you try to get out of your “comfort zone” and into your competitor’s lair.

  • Discovering potential suppliers.

Not to say that your current suppliers are bad. But sometimes, you see some materials that comprise the dining hall in a resort that you don’t see in your own resort. Like capiz shells dangling from a chandelier. Or carpets and rugs. Not too grand that it overpowered the overall look in the dining hall. But not that plain that you ended up ignoring it. And you start asking yourself if this little add-on would fit the overall look of your dining hall without losing the resort’s personality. Then you try to ask around who’s behind the interior design done in this part of the resort in the middle of your stay.

  • Conducting comparative studies quality-wise.

Not because the word “studies” got mentioned here, you would go academical in its application. Because some of the best entrepreneurs steal like an artist when it comes to operational ideas and marketing tactics. It just happened to be not so obvious since you’re supposed to be on vacation. Then again there is your handy smartphone to create snapshots of your recent expedition. Since not all photos make it to your social media feed, the photos that matter will help you create a better marketing plan for your new and improved resort.

Entrepreneurs and marketing researchers have gotten the research aspect of their business that they managed to embed it even in their weekend getaways. Why some resorts allow this? Because soon enough, they will get credit for the business innovations that occurred. Also, the more durable ideas last for decades when executed appropriately. You then realize that not only is it a business opportunity. It is an operational challenge.