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Packing Hacks You Need to Know

Posted on 02 July 2018 by admin (0)

Life hacks will not be a consistent trending topic online if people are not always on the lookout for simplifying their lives. This includes packing stuff. Packing is not supposed to be difficult especially when you know what to stuff, how to stuff them and how items should be arranged in your carry-on bag. Let’s enumerate the ways.

  • Pack neutrals to mix and match.

Not all clothes packed come in bright, sunny colors and not because you barely have the radiant tones. Most of the time, you just need to find some clothes to match the other clothes that stand out a little too much. Sometimes, this tip sounds a little familiar with how printed tops should go with the penciled skirt. The item that you wanted to stand out should be matched with another piece of clothing to serve as “background”. So if you have tie-dyed shirts to strut around the area, it should be matched with some faded short shorts.

  • Roll clothes to save space.

This tip usually works for carry-on bags used on a weekend getaway. You don’t have much space but you don’t feel like using the bulky suitcase either when you’re only going away for a few nights. So if you’re bringing the ready-to-wear type of clothes and they can be rolled easily for storage, do it. A friend working in the carpet cleaning company close to where we live shared this tidbit since he is used to rolling up stuff for storage. Feel free to visit his website for some tips on carpet cleaning!

  • Have an extra bag for the laundry.

Sometimes, it is just a big canvas bag that can keep the stench separated from the rest of your unused clothes. Most of the time it is a plastic bag that you brought with you from home. In case both variants did not come handy for you, the hotel laundry bag will help you store all of the used clothes separately in your carry-on bag.

  • Use a plastic drinking straw to store some jewelry.

This usually works for chained jewelry thin enough to fit any type of drinking straw. Sometimes packers resort to the straws often used for drinks with tapioca pearls in it for storing the jewelry with the thicker chains. But for most bracelets and necklaces, a conventional drinking straw will do. This avoids that jewelry from getting tangled in the pouch stored in the carry-on bag.

  • Recycle Tic Tac containers for the smaller stuff.

Bobby pins, hair pins, whatever small items like earrings that don’t fit in the drinking straw or some other travel necessity that needed to be stored separately within your make-up pouch. It comes handy plus it means protecting your clothes from getting poked by these pins.

Learning quicker ways to pack stuff leads to safer ways to store items. These tips work best for individuals that travel most of the time. Whether you are a digital nomad or a homebody out to enjoy the best of life through travel, see website for more details. Happy traveling.