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Countries with the best outdoor experience for tourists

Posted on 30 April 2018 by admin (0)

There are many reasons we love traveling, and one of the most obvious in nature. The sheer beauty and peaceful brilliance of it. There is always plenty to see and enjoy on a tourism expedition, the cultural diversity, and history of the people, the many tasty cuisines, and the magnificent luxurious hotels. But nothing compares to the outdoor beauty of watching nature come alive. Whether hiking through bushy trails, climbing hills and navigating valleys or simply enjoying a peaceful gaze at the sun as it sets over the horizon, there are cities where you can enjoy the best of outdoor sceneries all over the world.


Against a backdrop of the Himalayans, Nepal which has been dubbed the hiking capital of the world offers a surreal feel of one of the best landscapes on the planet. Tourist can find beautiful and challenging mountains to try their climbing feet on


Everyone who has seen the Northern lights can surely testify to the utter beauty of it. Norway offers a view of the Aurora Borealis the dancing northern lights a breathtaking view cherished by tourists. Norway is also a paradise for hikers. Explore the fjords and massive glaciers of Norway.


Iceland is one of the most geologically diverse countries of the world. Iceland offers unique landscape varieties that make it one of the best places to spend time outdoors. The beautiful countryside is a visual treat for travels who are seeking oneness with nature. One of the many pleasures visitors to Iceland will get to enjoy is a relaxing dip in the mineral-rich warm springs that soothing to the soul and body.

South Africa

An African safari is one of the best outdoor experiences a tourist can ever half. Explore the rich wildlife of the African savanna with South Africa’s 21 National preservation parks and Eight world heritage sites. The big five safari gives you a tour of five different rare and endangered buffalos, elephants, leopard, rhinoceros, and lions one of the only few places you will find them these species in the wild. Southern Africa also has an amazing climate and its own array of beautiful beaches and amazing coastline.


View the world from the top of the world on the 666ft on the Moher cliffs an astounding view of the beautiful countryside of Ireland. Explore a world of pure fantasy at the emerald isle and listen to the waves crashing with majestic violence against the cliffs at Galway Bay. End the day with a beautiful view of the sunset in the western skies of Ireland.


Peru’s famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu a 15th-century location of the Inca people is one of the most exciting hiking trips you can ever take. Located about 2,430 meters higher than sea level the trip to Machu Picchu consists of 3 different overlapping trails. The Mollepata trail which is the longest, classic one-day trail.