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Contemplating Travel Alone

Posted on 10 April 2018 by admin (0)

The concept may be familiar to you. But the reason why some young urban professionals have tried traveling alone is that of that feeling of being surrounded by a crowd and yet feel alone. So looking for other ways to spend time alone has become a rather surprising way for them to realize that being alone is no longer synonymous with loneliness.

Alone, Not Lonely

You don’t have to be an introvert to discover the occasionally fun time of traveling on your own. You become responsible for yourself. You don’t have to wait for some other companion preoccupied with excess baggage (figuratively and literally), indecisiveness about which food to order on the menu or that thing called “last minute cancellation”. The latter then puts you on the solo mode by default.

This must have been one of those instances where you discover about people that travel alone not by choice but by circumstances beyond their control? Did they use it as an excuse to sulk and cancel their own travel plans just as well? No. Everything’s already booked. And the absence of that travel buddy is no reason to jump on the last minute cancellation bandwagon as well. Because what if you really, really, REALLY wanted to go there?

Then go. You are not them. And them not going with you on your dream destination is not your loss. It is theirs. This is why you should not view such solo trips as biting the bullet. At least not yet. Because while some unfortunate souls got lost in the destination long enough to be presumed dead, other travelers dived in and tried traveling solo and discovered the joys of backpacking around town.

The power is yours, not theirs.

These are the kinds of individuals that embraced the fact that travel in itself is an adventure. And you find new friends along the way because they see you having fun. Fun increases because you meet like-minded individuals who are willing to spend time with you and enjoy the destination as much as the journey. You end up with better traveling companions – folks that won’t stand you up and be there when you feel like going someplace else another time.

Also, there are folks who woke up one day and see their time is up, not reaching their dream destinations because they are so afraid to go there alone. It is one of the worst regrets a person could have – not taking advantage of the chance to go out and have fun. You have no other person to blame but yourself. Because if some people are willing to tell you “Maybe” now at the thought of a weekend getaway, they will always find another reason to forego any travel plans, no matter how badly you wanted to spend some time in that dream destination.

Go out and see the world under your own terms. New experiences bring forth new acquaintances and deeper relationships mostly based on the shared fun found in the same tourist destination. You can have fun in the bosom of new friends. Or some peace and calm because the best way to meditate is by contemplating the future in your point of view. You then realize the deciding power you had all along.