Packing Hacks You Need to Know

Posted on 02 July 2018 (0)

Life hacks will not be a consistent trending topic online if people are not always on the lookout for simplifying their lives. This includes packing stuff. Packing is not supposed to be difficult especially when you know what to stuff, how to stuff them and how items should be arranged in your carry-on bag. Let’s enumerate the ways.

  • Pack neutrals to mix and match.

Not all clothes packed come in bright, sunny colors and not because you barely have the radiant tones. Most of the time, you just need to find some clothes to match the other clothes that stand out a little too much. Sometimes, this tip sounds a little familiar with how printed tops should go with the penciled skirt. The item that you wanted to stand out should be matched with another piece of clothing to serve as “background”. So if you have tie-dyed shirts to strut around the area, it should be matched with some faded short shorts.

  • Roll clothes to save space.

This tip usually works for carry-on bags used on a weekend getaway. You don’t have much space but you don’t feel like using the bulky suitcase either when you’re only going away for a few nights. So if you’re bringing the ready-to-wear type of clothes and they can be rolled easily for storage, do it. A friend working in the carpet cleaning company close to where we live shared this tidbit since he is used to rolling up stuff for storage. Feel free to visit his website for some tips on carpet cleaning!

  • Have an extra bag for the laundry.

Sometimes, it is just a big canvas bag that can keep the stench separated from the rest of your unused clothes. Most of the time it is a plastic bag that you brought with you from home. In case both variants did not come handy for you, the hotel laundry bag will help you store all of the used clothes separately in your carry-on bag.

  • Use a plastic drinking straw to store some jewelry.

This usually works for chained jewelry thin enough to fit any type of drinking straw. Sometimes packers resort to the straws often used for drinks with tapioca pearls in it for storing the jewelry with the thicker chains. But for most bracelets and necklaces, a conventional drinking straw will do. This avoids that jewelry from getting tangled in the pouch stored in the carry-on bag.

  • Recycle Tic Tac containers for the smaller stuff.

Bobby pins, hair pins, whatever small items like earrings that don’t fit in the drinking straw or some other travel necessity that needed to be stored separately within your make-up pouch. It comes handy plus it means protecting your clothes from getting poked by these pins.

Learning quicker ways to pack stuff leads to safer ways to store items. These tips work best for individuals that travel most of the time. Whether you are a digital nomad or a homebody out to enjoy the best of life through travel, see website for more details. Happy traveling.

Travel By Spying: Spying the Competition

Posted on 12 June 2018 (0)

Who would have thought that time away from your business can still lead to doing business? Certain entrepreneurs do it albeit surreptitiously. Has it dawned upon you how some restaurateurs would occasionally take a break from managing their chain of restaurants to spend a week away from their hometown or place of businesses to check out the next best thing in local tourism?

No, it’s not boredom. It’s about that gut feeling that something is missing in their business that might be discovered elsewhere.

Business has become the convenient excuse for travel. Whether it is for marketing research, analyzing trends or simply understanding why this city, hotel or restaurant is raking in the customers when not much hype surrounded it. And you want to know for yourself if that little factoid is applicable to your business. So you save some time off to go somewhere and see for yourself if the trip is worth it. If everyone else spent the effort to do so, why not you? Just in case you need reasons, let’s enumerate them one by one.

  • Analyzing the unique selling proposition.

A hobbyist traveler, Derek Gill from Riverside House Cleaning Agents noted how the term “unique selling proposition” has become cliché. But not all clichés have gone out of fashion. There are clichés that still work and this is one of them. Like two resorts from slightly identical tourist hotspots still have some distinguishing products or services that made them profitable for their respective stakeholders. They sell well but not for the same reason. Discovering your unique selling proposition in the eyes of the competitor can only be possible if you try to get out of your “comfort zone” and into your competitor’s lair.

  • Discovering potential suppliers.

Not to say that your current suppliers are bad. But sometimes, you see some materials that comprise the dining hall in a resort that you don’t see in your own resort. Like capiz shells dangling from a chandelier. Or carpets and rugs. Not too grand that it overpowered the overall look in the dining hall. But not that plain that you ended up ignoring it. And you start asking yourself if this little add-on would fit the overall look of your dining hall without losing the resort’s personality. Then you try to ask around who’s behind the interior design done in this part of the resort in the middle of your stay.

  • Conducting comparative studies quality-wise.

Not because the word “studies” got mentioned here, you would go academical in its application. Because some of the best entrepreneurs steal like an artist when it comes to operational ideas and marketing tactics. It just happened to be not so obvious since you’re supposed to be on vacation. Then again there is your handy smartphone to create snapshots of your recent expedition. Since not all photos make it to your social media feed, the photos that matter will help you create a better marketing plan for your new and improved resort.

Entrepreneurs and marketing researchers have gotten the research aspect of their business that they managed to embed it even in their weekend getaways. Why some resorts allow this? Because soon enough, they will get credit for the business innovations that occurred. Also, the more durable ideas last for decades when executed appropriately. You then realize that not only is it a business opportunity. It is an operational challenge.

Countries with the best outdoor experience for tourists

Posted on 30 April 2018 (0)

There are many reasons we love traveling, and one of the most obvious in nature. The sheer beauty and peaceful brilliance of it. There is always plenty to see and enjoy on a tourism expedition, the cultural diversity, and history of the people, the many tasty cuisines, and the magnificent luxurious hotels. But nothing compares to the outdoor beauty of watching nature come alive. Whether hiking through bushy trails, climbing hills and navigating valleys or simply enjoying a peaceful gaze at the sun as it sets over the horizon, there are cities where you can enjoy the best of outdoor sceneries all over the world.


Against a backdrop of the Himalayans, Nepal which has been dubbed the hiking capital of the world offers a surreal feel of one of the best landscapes on the planet. Tourist can find beautiful and challenging mountains to try their climbing feet on


Everyone who has seen the Northern lights can surely testify to the utter beauty of it. Norway offers a view of the Aurora Borealis the dancing northern lights a breathtaking view cherished by tourists. Norway is also a paradise for hikers. Explore the fjords and massive glaciers of Norway.


Iceland is one of the most geologically diverse countries of the world. Iceland offers unique landscape varieties that make it one of the best places to spend time outdoors. The beautiful countryside is a visual treat for travels who are seeking oneness with nature. One of the many pleasures visitors to Iceland will get to enjoy is a relaxing dip in the mineral-rich warm springs that soothing to the soul and body.

South Africa

An African safari is one of the best outdoor experiences a tourist can ever half. Explore the rich wildlife of the African savanna with South Africa’s 21 National preservation parks and Eight world heritage sites. The big five safari gives you a tour of five different rare and endangered buffalos, elephants, leopard, rhinoceros, and lions one of the only few places you will find them these species in the wild. Southern Africa also has an amazing climate and its own array of beautiful beaches and amazing coastline.


View the world from the top of the world on the 666ft on the Moher cliffs an astounding view of the beautiful countryside of Ireland. Explore a world of pure fantasy at the emerald isle and listen to the waves crashing with majestic violence against the cliffs at Galway Bay. End the day with a beautiful view of the sunset in the western skies of Ireland.


Peru’s famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu a 15th-century location of the Inca people is one of the most exciting hiking trips you can ever take. Located about 2,430 meters higher than sea level the trip to Machu Picchu consists of 3 different overlapping trails. The Mollepata trail which is the longest, classic one-day trail.

Top 5 Tourist Spots in Dubai

Posted on 18 April 2018 (0)

From a desert land ravaged by the scorching sun to the bustling golden city which has now become the cynosure of all eyes and the hotspot destination for tourists from all over the world, Dubai has earned itself a name amongst the ranks of mega-cities. The massive buildings, beautiful malls, lovely beaches and the interesting historical sites of the city makes it a top choice for thrill seekers in search of fun and adventure. If you find yourself as a first time visitor in the United Arab Emirates this is a list of must-see places; we suggest you visit.

1. The Burj Khalifa

This breathtaking engineering marvel stands as a towering 829.8 meters, which ranks it as the tallest building in the world. The twin buildings of Burj Khalif and Burj Al Arab are quite famous in Dubai among tourist and residents alike. You can’t afford to miss seeing the world from the highest viewing platform on earth located on the 124th floor. Many tourist photographers to the city ensure that they get a picture of the architectural wonder at night. A visit to Burj Khalifa should be top of the list of interesting places you need to see in Dubai. Get an Entrance

2. Burj Al-Arab

The Tower of the Arabs is a one of a kind 7-star luxury paradise. Another Dubai’s tallest the sail-shaped building is one of the tallest hotel in the world standing at 321 meters and is ranked as the most luxurious hotel in the world with its fantastic underwater restaurant and sky view bar. Burj Al-Arab is a symbol of Dubai. Even if you can’t afford to get a taste of the luxury within its walls, simply setting your eyes on this masterpiece is an essential part of your trip to the city. The home of luxury is one of the earth’s most photographed buildings.

3. IMG Worlds of Adventure

This park is one of the most amazing sights of Dubai especially if you are visiting the city with your kids. It is a great way to treat the young ones with the beauty of Dubai. Located not far from Global Village, the theme park offers the finest of immersive entertainment. A part of the park is devoted fully to iconic Marvel characters while another has dinosaur themes.

4. The Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall the city’s first mall serves as an entrance to both the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Aquarium. The spectacular mall has within it several wonders such as an ice-skating rink, cinema complex and a gaming zone. Of course, the mall offers an amazing shopping experience and the building is ever bustling with various activities and events such as fashion shows and live music. The most notable being the annual Dubai Shopping Festival that holds and the Dubai Summer Surprises Festival.

5. The Mosques of Dubai:

Dubai is predominantly a Muslim city, and thus you will no doubt find within the city of Dubai a large number of mosques. The mosques of Dubai are however not just places of worship. Due to the magnificent structures and amazing architectural designs, they have become choice locations for tourist and visitors to Dubai to see and admire on their trip to the city. Notable mosques in Dubai include the Grand Mosque in Bur Dubai, Jumeirah Mosque in Jumeirah, the Al Noor mosque among others.

The city of Dubai has risen to become one of the most prominent Arab cities and a choice location for tourists from all over the world who throng the city in their numbers to behold the jewel in the desert.

Contemplating Travel Alone

Posted on 10 April 2018 (0)

The concept may be familiar to you. But the reason why some young urban professionals have tried traveling alone is that of that feeling of being surrounded by a crowd and yet feel alone. So looking for other ways to spend time alone has become a rather surprising way for them to realize that being alone is no longer synonymous with loneliness.

Alone, Not Lonely

You don’t have to be an introvert to discover the occasionally fun time of traveling on your own. You become responsible for yourself. You don’t have to wait for some other companion preoccupied with excess baggage (figuratively and literally), indecisiveness about which food to order on the menu or that thing called “last minute cancellation”. The latter then puts you on the solo mode by default.

This must have been one of those instances where you discover about people that travel alone not by choice but by circumstances beyond their control? Did they use it as an excuse to sulk and cancel their own travel plans just as well? No. Everything’s already booked. And the absence of that travel buddy is no reason to jump on the last minute cancellation bandwagon as well. Because what if you really, really, REALLY wanted to go there?

Then go. You are not them. And them not going with you on your dream destination is not your loss. It is theirs. This is why you should not view such solo trips as biting the bullet. At least not yet. Because while some unfortunate souls got lost in the destination long enough to be presumed dead, other travelers dived in and tried traveling solo and discovered the joys of backpacking around town.

The power is yours, not theirs.

These are the kinds of individuals that embraced the fact that travel in itself is an adventure. And you find new friends along the way because they see you having fun. Fun increases because you meet like-minded individuals who are willing to spend time with you and enjoy the destination as much as the journey. You end up with better traveling companions – folks that won’t stand you up and be there when you feel like going someplace else another time.

Also, there are folks who woke up one day and see their time is up, not reaching their dream destinations because they are so afraid to go there alone. It is one of the worst regrets a person could have – not taking advantage of the chance to go out and have fun. You have no other person to blame but yourself. Because if some people are willing to tell you “Maybe” now at the thought of a weekend getaway, they will always find another reason to forego any travel plans, no matter how badly you wanted to spend some time in that dream destination.

Go out and see the world under your own terms. New experiences bring forth new acquaintances and deeper relationships mostly based on the shared fun found in the same tourist destination. You can have fun in the bosom of new friends. Or some peace and calm because the best way to meditate is by contemplating the future in your point of view. You then realize the deciding power you had all along.